About Norton Way Group

Norton Way Group began as a single site in 1989 and has since grown to encompass 6 sites in Hertfordshire and 3 in West London. The Group’s continued success is attributed to our teams and their commitment and dedication to providing Customer excellence and ensuring satisfaction. As a business, we are continually evolving to reflect the changing landscape and identifying areas in which to grow and improve.

Chiswick Honda Brand Centre

Chiswick Honda is our Honda brand center. The largest Honda showroom in the country. From power products, marine engines, and scooters to premium new Honda cars, we have a variety of choices to meet your lifestyle needs.

About Chiswick MG

Chiswick MG is the latest addition to the Norton Way Group portfolio. Opening its doors in Spring 2022, the dealership is situated in Chiswick, West London – directly next door to our longstanding dealership – Chiswick Honda.



We decided to ask five of our dedicated and knowledgeable sales team and MG technicians at Chiswick MG one thing that they love about the newest MG Model the all-electric new MG4 EV, from the electrified technology to the modern design. 

MG4 Battery Range

One thing loved by the Chiswick MG team and MG4 EV drivers is the impressive battery range. The new MG4 EV boasts an impressive electric range of up to 360 miles. We believe this is an amazing number of miles to suit most people’s daily needs.

MG4 Performance

The MG4 has impressive performance and our team loves it. Electric vehicles have instant torque so accelerating feels faster compared to normal fuel-sipping cars. 


Our MG team loves the infotainment and connectivity features of the MG4. For example, wireless charging. Do you ever need to charge your smartphone while you are driving? The MG4 comes as standard with the MG ISMART functionality. You can also download the ISMART APP to check your vehicle information directly from the palm of your hand.

MG4 Driving Position. 

Our team are impressed with how easy it is to get comfortable behind the wheel of the MG4. Cannot wait to drive it? Neither can we!

MG4 design

The new MG4 EV has striking Shark fin lights with stylish space-aged wheels. These design details helped to create a modern car attractive to sporty, young-hearted drivers. The MG designers have created a striking car with a modern appearance we believe will make heads turn. Features that also really express the MG4 EV design concept are the dynamic lines across the car, space aged wheels, reflective bowls, LED lights and two-tone roof.

THE HONDA E:NY1: The Future of driving is now here. FROM £44,995.00


Honda’s first electric SUV, the new Honda e:Ny1 is here. The striking flowing exterior design of the new Honda e:Ny1 is matched by an advanced and stylish interior that accompanies a cutting-edge Honda powertrain. The new Honda e:Ny1 is a next-generation zero-emission car.

Intelligent Infotainment

With its roomy 15.1-inch Honda CONNECT infotainment system, the e:Ny1 offers you complete control over all infotainment and driving features, including climate control, radio, and apps in addition to a reversing camera and navigation. Additionally, the EV menu and power flow metre will be visible to you. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included, allowing you to stay connected no matter where you are.

Discover the future by following this link e:Ny1 | Norton Way Group Honda

Get ready for adventure with the new Honda CR-V.

The new Honda CR-V’s interior has a sleek and modern feel. While driving, the minimalist dash design allows for a wider field of vision, and the infotainment screen, buttons, and controls are all conveniently located for the driver.

The sixth-generation Honda CR-V builds on the success of its predecessors and introduces a range of exciting new features. This iconic SUV has been completely redesigned to offer a more dynamic and sophisticated appearance, with a larger and more aggressive front grille and a longer wheelbase. The all-new Honda CR-V is available in two powertrain options: a full hybrid (e:HEV) and a plug-in hybrid (e:PHEV), giving customers the choice between powerful driving performance and exceptional fuel efficiency.